January 20, 2010

Live Blog Innings 4-6, Can the Pirates come back?

Top of the 4th
8:21 - I'm Live Blogging Game 1 of the 1979 World Series. The first three innings are in the post below. Welcome back, the Pirates still trail 5-0 on a cold rainy night at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium.
8:22 - Tim Foli grounds another one foul down the left field line, then singles.
8:25 - How great does this ball girl look? Dave Parker up with a chance to make this a rally.
8:27 - Parker wanted to make it 5-2 but swings and misses. Jim Rooker's wife has more hair than all the Sex Pistols combined. Parker eventually singles, Foli to third.
8:29 - The Pittsburgh wives are cheering with Terrible Towels. Huge move. And I can't overemphasize how bad of a move it was for Foli to try for third there even though he made it on a close play.
8:30 - Bill Robinson grounds out, Parker to second with Foli holding. Willie Stargell is up needing a hit to make this a game again.
8:31 - Stargell grounds out to second scoring Foli. Bill Madlock is up with two out and Parker now on third.
8:32 - Madlock, a former two-time batting champion, was a real key to the Pirates' turnaround this year, hitting .328 after the trade that brought him to Pittsburgh. He fouls two balls down the left field line. I am in love with this ball girl. The TV camera shows Madlock's wife but Howard Cosell, doing color, points out Tim Foli's wife "a lovely young blonde lady" behind her.
8:34 - Madlock walks. Runners at the corners.
8:36 - Wow, Steve Nicosia's wife looks like you would expect the backup catcher's wife to look like in 1979. Don Drysdale with the play by play apparently did a great job of memorizing wife appearances. And there's a groundout to end the inning. 5-1, end of the 4th.

Bottom of the 4th
8:39 - Rooker out for the 4th. He's done a great job but this could be his last inning, trailing and due to bat in the 5th. Mike Flanagan is batting, a lot of fun to watch the AL pitchers bat - and a rare opportunity that happens only every two years.
8:40 - Flanagan is a Cy Young hopeful and just bought a house in New Hampshire with his wife, who is currently tied with Bill Robinson's wife for hottest player wife. The American dream.
8:41 - A grounder goes under Stargell's glove. Oh well, it's a no brainer that you have to play your aging 100 RBI first baseman in the World Series. E-3. Enrique Romo is warming up.
8:43 - Al Bumbry wants to bunt but works a 3-1 count, yet he still bunts Flanagan to second. I'm sure it's a good move to play small ball with your pitcher on base for the first time of his career.
8:44 - If there was a designated hitter, I'd use him for Mark Belanger rather than Flanagan. Madlock is looking for yet another bunt but Belanger pops out to center.
8:45 - First pitch swinging, and Ken Singleton flies out. 5-1 after 4.

Top of the 5th
8:49 - Phil Garner hit .293 with 11 home runs on the year, what a hitter for the 8 hole. He doubles to left, bringing up Manny Sanguillen pinch hitting for Rooker.
8:50 - Manny Sanguillen was a hero in '71, but he grounds out to Belanger on the first pitch here.
8:51 - Omar Moreno batting as his wife makes her first appearance. And ABC has her miked. "Come on sweetie, you can do it." What a gal.
8:53 - Moreno's batting stance looks like he is looking for a lost contact lens. He scored 110 runs on the season but strikes out here.
8:54 - Tim Foli, "a feisty kid" as per Cosell, apparently was influenced by his mother who told him he never would be a star.
8:55 - Foli grounds out. 5-1 Orioles after 5.

Bottom of the 5th
8:58 - Enrique Romo in for the Pirates. A righty workhourse who went 10-5, 2.99 in 129 innings, all in relief.
8:59 - Speaking of workhorse pitchers, I got drunk with former six-time All-Star Sam McDowell recently. Wow, what a guy. He once jumped off a hotel balcony into a pool. Sudden Sam is back in his hometown of Pittsburgh selling insurance and we're glad to have him.
9:01 - Romo is a classic junkballer but he manages to get a fastball past Eddie Murray. But Murray eventually walks to bring up Lowenstein. A true Baltimorean, we are told, calls the team "the Birds" not the Orioles.
9:03 - Earl Weaver's career record is 1,101-743. Lowenstein flies out to center to bring up hero Doug DeCinces.
9:06 - With Murray apparently distracting Romo on the bases, DeCinces flies out to Dave Parker. Parker is playing right field in a swamp.
9:08 - Murray steals second standing up. Now they're going to walk Billy Smith intentionally with Rick Dempsey due up.
9:09 - Dempsey is a .237 career hitter, .239 this year, with little power. Cosell: Baltimore is a dangerous club because it's full of good hitters who lull you with their poor stats.
9:12 - Dempsey works a full count, fouls off a couple but can't get the hit to put the Pirates away. He pops out to Robinson in left field. 5-1 after 5.

Top of the 6th
9:16 - Dave Parker singles to center with Steve Stone warming. Stone had a good year as a starter, but it's not like he'll ever win 25 games in a season.
9:19 - Flanagan is slowing down his pace and throwing less strikes. He could be tiring. Robinson bloops a hit to right, and the Pirates have two on for Willie Stargell.
9:20 - Stargell hit .281 with 32 homers on the year. The game has the feel of a closer game. Weaver's top relievers, Tim Stoddard and Tippy Martinez, are warming. But Stargell strikes out on a curveball.
9:21 - Singleton with a good jump on Madlock's bloop to right center. Singleton gets a good jump and makes the catch, two out for Steve Nicosia.
9:22 - Don Robinson warming up for the Pirates. Nicosia hit .322 against lefties this year, .188 vs. righties.
9:23 - Boy, this new Iraqi president Saddam Hussein looks like a great ally against evil Iran.
9:25 - DeCinces drops a grounder in the hole. Might not have gotten Nicosia anyway. Infield hit, I say. Bases loaded for Garner.
9:26 - Nope, an error. Phil Garner has the biggest mustache I've ever seen.
9:27 - Dempsey with a great stop of a wild pitch waiting to happen.
9:28 - Garner just misses a hanging curve, fouls it off. Lots of drama in this AB. He's fouled off four or five in a row now.
9:29 - Garner grounds a single to left! Parker scores! Robinson scores! Weaver to the mound, is this it for Mike Flanagan? 5-3 Orioles.
9:30 - Weaver sticks with his starter. Lee Lacy out to pinch hit. He hit .247 with 5 home runs this year.
9:31 - DeCinces bobbles another grounder, tries to make a diving tag on Nicosia and can't! Bases loaded with Pirates, two out, Omar Moreno coming up.
9:32 - No brainer to leave Flanagan in for the lefty Moreno. Moreno pups it up, but the Terrible Towels are still waving as this is a game again.

Bottom of the 6th
9:35 - I really am apprehensive about the Federal Reserve's recent change from an interest rate target policy to a money supply target policy. Potentially that could cause interest rate fluctuations and economic recession.
9:36 - Don Robinson is in the game, he's 8-8 this year with a 3.86 ERA. Flanagan, Bumbry and Belanger due up.
9:37 - Robinson is a 22-year-old flamethrower. According to Drysdale, hitting is like riding a bicycle and you can never forget how to do it. Flanagan could hit in college but strikes out here.
9:40 - Al Bumbry grounds out to shortstop. Belanger grounds out too. Good job by Robinson, now let's rally in the seventh.


  1. I had the opportunity to say hi to Uncle "Jailbird" Joey thanks to traveling back in time.

  2. Ball girl is unbelievable.

  3. So many great names on both sides. I hope the Pirates can get a rally going.