March 29, 2010

Brandon Moss Era Ends

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / March 29, 2010

I didn't really expect it to happen, but Brandon Moss has played his last game in a Pirate uniform.

Moss was designated for assignment today meaning the team has ten days to trade, waive or release him.

While some players can get DFA'd and then slip through the cracks and be sent to the minors, Moss isn't one of them. He'd almost certainly be claimed on waivers, so the Pirates basically will try to trade him. Of course their negotiating position is quite compromised with the 10 day limit.

My personal Brandon Moss era ended when he hit .203/.254/.271 with 0 home runs and 1 RBI last April. However, I thought he would stick with this team as a fifth outfielder/defensive replacement. That job will now go to John Raynor.

Anyway, this move is basically an admission of defeat in the Jason Bay trade. Bay for Craig Hansen, Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris and Brandon Moss. Moss was the centerpiece and in retrospect maybe it's not a great idea to overpay for the numbers a guy put up at Augusta in the South Atlantic League. LaRoche is a decent hitter and a good fielder but he might be out of the starting lineup as early as June.*

* The month of June has not yet been renamed Alvarez.

For Moss's spot the Pirates picked up Hayden Penn on waivers. Hayden Penn has given up 90 runs in 80 major league innings. There is no way I can endorse this pickup.

Do MLB general managers make moves like that thinking, "Hayden Penn, looks like a good waiver claim" or do they make the move thinking, "Goddamnit. Jesus Christ. We actually are in a position where we have to claim Hayden Penn."

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  1. Is it strange that I, too was surprised by this today?