March 25, 2010

Padilla Announced For Opener

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / March 25, 2010

Obviously winning the first game is going to be key to the Pirates' World Championship. The Pirates took a big step toward that today as Dodgers manager Joe Torre named Vicente Padilla as the Opening Day Starter.

Padilla had a 4.46 ERA last year which was actually his best ERA of the past six seasons. Despite ESPN's claim that Padilla was "the last guy anybody expected to start the opener," I in fact named him yesterday as one of two guys with a chance.

Joe Torre on the decision:

We just had to pick somebody, and he was the one. Am I going to say he is better than the other guys? I can't do that. We just decided to line them up that way. Again, we have four guys where I think you can put their names in a hat and just take it out.

I've actually never seen a manager admit his Opening Day starter is terrible, but that's as close as ever.

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