April 15, 2010

Series Preview: Cincinnati Reds

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / April 15, 2010

As we reach the ides of April, it seems like a week ago that the Pirates were off to a great start at 2-0. They've won a couple thrillers out West but come home 4-5. An ugly blowout loss, an ugly blowout loss, an ugly blowout loss, a ugly blowout loss and an ugly blowout loss conspired to hurt the Bucs' record.

I still believe in this WFC season. The 1979 Pirates started out 4-10. It happens. Unless you're 0-9 right now there's no reason to worry.

Someone asked if I've blogged about the inside the park home run. By writing stuff like that I can make it seem like a lot of people ask about the blog. Nope, it was only one. Anyway, I didn't see the home run. What a great story.

Cincinnati Reds - Friday 7:05, Saturday 7:05, Sunday 1:35
What's the point of living in a really dangerous city when you don't even have a good baseball stadium. Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, you're all better than Cincinnati.

The Reds have an interesting combination of 2005 All-Stars and promising young players who aren't hitting. Scott Rolen, meet Drew Stubbs. It could all click but it probably won't.

Friday the Pirates go with their ace Zach Duke. You know what Duke does. Steady, goes deep into games, seven innings, three runs. The Reds counter with Mike Leake, who was unbelievably rushed to the majors without any minor league time at all. They must think he's ready for anything after conquering the scorpion/anti-intellectualism combo at Arizona State. Leake only gave up one run in his major league debut though he walked seven Cubs. He'll give up a lot more here. My pick is the Pirates.

For Saturday the Pirates have scratched Ross Ohlendorf again. One would think he should go on the DL. It is almost always a lie when a pitcher misses a start and it's immediately announced that he'll make his next start. Brian Burres wasn't sent down after his start in San Francisco so I assume he'll start here. He'll be better than he was, while still sucking. Think 5.2 innings/four runs. The Reds counter with Johnny Cueto, a middling 24 year old waiting for his breakout year. Cueto has a good slider and the Pirates lefthanded hitters can't hit the slider. Nevertheless my pick is the Pirates. They're a good home team.

Sunday is Bronson Arroyo against Paul Maholm. Bronson Arroyo has five 200 inning season and in a little known fact, has the same last name as 1961 Yankee closer Luis Arroyo. Toss up. My pick is the Pirates.

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  1. Good, salient picks, rooted in fact. Take notice, this is how a sports blog should be run, people.