April 20, 2010

Series Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / April 20, 2010

Ah, the first of 140 games between the Pirates and the Brewers. The Brewers are Pittsburgh's #1 fake rival right now, and that's big. Somebody hit somebody with a pitch two years ago, I can't remember which asshole did it, and I f'ing hate that guy.

I went 3 for 3 in predictions for the Reds series and the Pirates are now 7-5. 7-5 in the first two rounds of the playoffs gets you to the World Series. But that's getting ahead of ourselves, because the key stretch of the season, the "Final 150", begins tonight.

Milwaukee Brewers - Tuesday 7:05, Wednesday 7:05, Thursday 12:35
How much cooler were the Brewers when they had the baseball glove logo? The answer is a little bit cooler.

The Brewers have fallen off after their glory days, which consisted of three weeks in the fall of 2008. Their "Ironic Pitching Staff" plan won't get them above .500. A quick look at the Brew Crew's pitching staff reveals a list of guys you've never heard of (Chris Narveson), guys you thought retired (Doug Davis, Trevor Hoffman), guys who may have actually retired, but the team didn't bother printing a new jersey (Jeff Suppan) and guys who will get hurt in the next 30 days (Yovani Gallardo). The lineup still has Braun, Weeks and Fielder, enough to have an average offense, but the supporting cast is unimpressive. Gregg Zaun.

Tonight the Pirates go with Charlie Morton against the Brewers' Dave Bush. A potential slugfest! Morton has gotten rocked in both his starts, yet it's only two starts. I still think he'll come around and be a solid #4 starter. Dave Bush has is way more talented than his 6.38 ERA in 2009. He got unlucky and well deserved a 6.37. My pick is the Pirates.

Tomorrow night the Pirates will give the ball to Zach Duke. After three games I'm willing to say Zach Duke will clearly win the Cy Young Award. He pitched seven innings Friday against the Reds and uncharacteristically allowed more than zero runs. Although to be fair to Zach it was one run, a batter which he left on first base only to be forced to second, third and home by relief pitcher walks. Yovani Gallardo goes for the Brewers - a great stuff guy, hard thrower, but also a guy the Pirates can hit. Not that they have hit him, but they can hit him. My pick is the Pirates.

Thursday afternoon, let me reiterate that the Pirates are giving away a green hat and a green and beige Pirates shirt. The shirt is pictured here. The Goodwill store on Carson Street is closing so it's going to be important for South Side residents to start getting ugly new clothing now. Without that Goodwill, potentially this could be the only way to have ugly 15 year old clothing in 15 years. My pick is the Pirates.

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