May 10, 2010

Series Preview: Cincinnati Reds

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / May 10, 2010

It is unbelievably hard to find pictures of women in Reds gear online. If I didn't know better I would think there was a greater market for pictures of women in lingerie than in NL Central team apparel.

The 16-15 Reds have recovered from their PNC Park sweep and return to town in second place. Meanwhile the Buccos lost two of three to the Cardinals and dropped to 14-17, although they're still 4-2 on the current homestand. Win two against the Reds and they can enjoy Thursday's day off.

On a personal note, the only way this series could be more ruined for me by the Federal Rules of Evidence is if I were actually in jail. With the most important exam in law school Wednesday, there's a possibility that I'll have to miss all three games. This would really be getting me down if not for my upcoming 100 days off.

Cincinnati Reds - Monday 7:05, Tuesday 7:05, Wednesday 12:35
Monday's game features the long awaited return of Ross Ohlendorf (0-0, 3.60). He threw four scoreless innings at AAA in his rehab start so I'd think that he's ready to be the same guy he was last year. Brian Bass and his 12.79 ERA should be the odd man out here since all the other marginal guys are pitching well.

Facing Ohlendorf, not surprisingly, is a lineup that Dusty Baker has no idea how to construct. Orlando Cabrera (.270/.299/.374), never a leadoff hitter in his prime, is somehow leading off now. And Scott Rolen (.250/.321/.479) hasn't been a legitimate cleanup hitter since depression was still cool. Can't-steal-first Drew Stubbs (.181/.269/.286) is somehow still in the lineup. It's hard to believe this is the second best team the Central has to offer.

The Reds give the ball to Bronson Arroyo (1-2, 6.14). Arroyo will keep the Reds in the game and Ohlendorf probably will only throw 90 pitches. But the back end of the Pirate bullpen is unstoppable. My pick is the Pirates.

Tuesday night's game matches up Johnny Cueto (1-1, 5.18) against Charlie Morton (1-5, 10.30). Morton had a good game last time out but honestly sounded like a wreck mentally during his postgame interview. Hopefully he can build on that success and have a three-digit ERA in '10. My pick is the Pirates.

I hate to miss a weekday day game, but I'll be doing just that on Wednesday. The Reds are going with Homer Bailey (0-2, 7.24). I looked up Homer Bailey's real name. David. I think that's a solid name. If I had that name and I wanted a nickname, I would go with Dave. Especially if my job was pitcher for a baseball team.

The Pirates' Brian Burres (2-1, 4.09) hasn't given up a run since April 25. Train kept a-rollin'. My pick is the Pirates.

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