August 20, 2010

Series Preview: New York Mets

K-Rod will not be with the Mets for their weekend series in Pittsburgh. I will say this in his defense: Who among us has never made an unprovoked physical attack on our children's grandfather outside our workplace, causing assault charges, suspension from the job, breakup and the loss of many millions of dollars? That was a situation that really could have happened to anyone.

At 60-61 the Mets are in that position where everyone knows they are out of contention, but the team still makes a bullshit claim of being in contention. So New York has to be looking at this three game series in Pittsburgh like a chance to move out of New York only to inform everyone in their new hometown about how much better everything was in New York, and that is something New York likes.

The Mets actually have pretty good pitching but an ineffective lineup - none less effective than Jason Bay (.257/.347/.402). Unfortunately Bay is on the disabled list making his return to Pittsburgh somewhat less triumphant. The stars Jose Reyes (.285/.324/.425), Carlos Beltran (.226/.333/.358), and David Wright (.290/.362/.488) are all there, though only Wright is still good enough to justify star status.

New York Mets - Friday 7:05, Saturday 7:05, Sunday 1:35
Tonight the Mets go with Mike Pelfrey (11-7, 3.95) against Jeff Karstens (2-9, 4.57). Karstens had a great curveball in his last start, which to the naked eye looked like another keep-the-team-in-but-lose game. Pelfrey got off to a great start but if I showed his recent stats they would be like (OK-Mediocre, Really.High). Ryan Doumit is in right field again with Jeff Clement at first and a slumping Garrett Jones benched. I like Jerry Manuel's random lineups - for the Mets, Chris Carter is batting cleanup since he has two home runs this year. My pick is the Pirates.

Saturday, Jon Niese (7-5, 3.38) faces James McDonald (2-2, 4.26). As a Pirate McDonald has four walks, 20 K's and no home runs allowed in 18 innings. Rookie pitchers usually have a meltdown game at some point; luckily Jon Niese is a rookie pitcher too so this is another clear win. My pick is the Pirates.

Sunday, Johan Santana (10-7, 2.97) goes for the Mets against Zach Duke (5-12, 5.33). You sort of know the drill with the Pirates against an ace pitcher, but Duke already beat Roy Halladay this year so my pick is the Pirates.

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