September 13, 2010

Pirates Claim Pitcher Chris Leroux

Today the Pirates claimed righthanded relief pitcher Chris Leroux on waivers from the Marlins. He will immediately join the team and replace Brian Bass, who has been designated for assignment. Six minutes after the move was announced his Wikipedia page reflected that information. I'm not going to speculate on who made that change but the username was chris_leroux69.

Leroux has had an awful age 26 season this year - 1-3, 6.28 in 28 minor league games and 0-0, 7.00 in 17 games with the Marlins. He also apparently has a great lefty bat with a double in six career minor league at bats. What makes these relievers decide to bat with the opposite hand when they're averaging one plate appearance a year?

Also Chris Leroux looks great in the bright yellow Gulf Coast League Marlins uniform.

Seriously, while his numbers are bad for 2010 this isn't a bad pickup. Last year he had a 2.70 ERA in 46 AA innings while striking out 55 in 60 innings. He averages 94 mph on his fastball and has good strike zone command which makes me think that fastball has poor movement. Leroux seems like a decent guy to stash at Indianapolis, but not someone who should be on the 2011 roster.

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