September 3, 2010

Series Preview: Washington Nationals

It's September and after five long months the Washington Nationals coming to town for the first time this season. Nobody ever said life would be easy.

As I do one or two times a season, a couple months ago I decided to ironically wear an Expos shirt to a Pirates game at PNC Park. It's my only ironic shirt. Four seats away is a guy in an Expos hat. Another example of life not being easy. This was against the White Sox so don't even think about wearing an Expos hat this weekend.Anyway, the Expos have moved to Washington and now feature Ryan Zimmerman (.298/.384/.523). Still just 25 years old, he'd be a legitimate choice as the one player you would build a team around. If he would change his last name to Dylan he would be the clear choice. But in any event, the Nationals never bothered to build that team around him. This team is 57-77 and actually our old friend Nyjer Morgan (.257/.317/.318) is a big reason. He had a good year in '09 but despite the struggles of Lastings Millege I count that trade as a win due to Joel Hanrahan. Adam Dunn (.268/.362/.558) and Josh Willingham (.268/.389/.459) are the other heavy hitters. You know I love slow guys who walk a lot and hit home runs.

Washington Nationals - Friday 7:05, Saturday 7:05, Sunday 1:35
Zach Duke (6-12, 5.17) faces Livan Hernandez (9-9, 3.49) tonight in an epic battle of pitching to contact. Jesus blows up balloons all day. My pick is the Pirates.

Tomorrow, John Lannan (6-6, 4.95) faces Paul Maholm (7-13, 5.18). It's important to compartmentalize the roles of Paul Maholm in your life. You have Paul Maholm the pitcher and Paul Maholm the Twitter personality. One is actually having a pretty horrible year and the other one could not be more awesome. And I have Paul Maholm the bobblehead which is pretty good too. My pick is the Pirates.

Sunday, Jason Marquis (1-7, 8.13) against Charlie Morton (1-10, 10.03). Wow, just wow. You know one of these guys is going to randomly throw a great game, and you kind of suspect it's not Charlie Morton. Nevertheless, my pick is the Pirates.

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