November 10, 2010

Hurdle interviews with Mets

Rangers hitting coach Clint Hurdle will talk with the Mets today about their open managerial job. I expect that the Pirates job is Hurdle's if he wants it. However, if Hurdle gets offered the Mets job he almost certainly will decline the Pirates job. Considering there are two finalists, and using my powers of reasoning, that would leave Jeff Banister as the Pirates manager.

I'm on record as supporting Hurdle as the choice to be the new Pirates manager. He took the 2007 Rockies to the World Series with no starting pitching. That's a task not unlike what I would hope he could accomplish with the 2011 Pirates, although it's possible the '07 Rockies had more Heltons and Hollidays on their side.

Obviously the Mets job would be more attractive, given the difference between a $130 million payroll and a $40 million payroll. However, it's far from a foregone conclusion that Hurdle would get the Mets job. They've interviewed at least four internal and four external candidates. I'll keep you posted.

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