January 28, 2011

St. Marys Will Represent Against One Batter Per Game

The Pirates added a lefthanded specialist to their bullpen today, signing Joe Beimel to a one year deal. Beimel is one of the better and more durable lefthanded specialists in the game. It's not a game changing signing but it certainly is one that will help the team.

How do I know it's a one year contract when terms of the offer are undisclosed? Well, I didn't have any details so I made some up. Peter Gammons.

Since 2006 Beimel has gone 13-12 with a 3.20 ERA, averaging 71 appearances a season. Those are impressive numbers for a guy who relies on an 87 mph fastball which he throws over two-thirds of the time. And they're numbers that show the power of Western PA. In addition to hailing from my favorite improperly punctuated town in Pennsylvania, Joe Beimel attended Duquesne University and pitched for the Pirates from 2001-03.

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  1. As someone who went to Duquesne University and played baseball there (1981-1984), I always pull for Joe Beimel.
    I live in Colorado now and covered the Rockies and Beimel is a good guy and a battler on the mound.
    I hope he does well in his second stint with the Bucs.
    ps: Unfortunately the idiots at Duquesne have dropped the baseball program. Screw 'em.