January 12, 2011


Don't know how I missed this in March, but apparently this site took a fair amount of criticism from a major Yankees blog during 2010 Spring Training. To wit:

A few points about Paul Maholm:

1.) His page on Baseball-Reference.com is sponsored by something called "Pirates WFC Blog." Which used its sponsorship space to aver, "Maholm, Duke and Ohlendorf are the Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz of the 2010s. Prepare for the Pirates' impending World Series championship now by reading the Pirates WFC blog." THE PIRATES IMPENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP.

Impending? As in "hovering threateningly"? As in "imminent"? It actually would sound just as weird to say "Yankees impending WS Championship" because, well, it's March. The only thinking impending is the need to recharge my computer's battery.

2.) Maholm hasn't had a winning season since 2005, when he went 3-1.

3.) His stats make him sound like he's a washed up middle-aged also-ran, a la Matt Herges. He's 27.

4.) In 2007, he ranked 2nd in the NL in shut-outs. One.

5.) In 2008, he made $424,500. In 2009, he made $2,500,000. Apparently going from 10-15 to 9-9 is grounds for a 589% raise in the NL. It makes me a little less bitter about the whole if-I-only-did-.300-of-my-job-I'd-get-fired thing.

So basically, one of two things: The first, and most likely, is that this guy thinks my statement about Paul Maholm was meant totally seriously. And he's deconstructed Maholm's career to show he's not in fact a Hall of Fame caliber pitcher.

The second possibility is that he is in fact fucking with me, and he is making me THINK he took this seriously, then arguing against my point to further fuck with me.

Your thoughts?


  1. He writes a blog about the Yankees. I think its safe not to assume he didn't get it.

  2. Third possibility, CrazyYankeeChick was just trying to get your attention. (By the way, extremely racist of you to assume the post was written by a man, especially given the top-quality female writers in the Buccosphere.)

  3. Just noticed her clutch word choice with "aver."

  4. Ah, CrazyYankeeChick. I've definitely been out with her before.