April 5, 2010

Moss Clears Waivers; Will Start at AAA

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / April 5, 2010

I really enjoy the fact of having the location in my dateline, even though I always list it as Pittsburgh including when it's BS and I'm posting from somewhere else. It really keeps me grounded while also providing an alibi.

The Indianapolis outfield got a lot stronger today as Brandon Moss -
pictured here in happier days as a Red Sox and star of elementary school posters - cleared waivers. He's going to be the starting right fielder for Indy.

Is it just me or is Indianapolis an exceedingly random place to have the Pirates' affiliate? Phillies/Allentown, Indians/Columbus, these make sense. I don't think I'll be traveling to the Heartland for any I-Tribe action.

But if I did, I would see an outstanding AAA right fielder. While he has a little bit of a "can't hit" problem in the major leagues, all my Pawtucket readers can back me up on this - Moss is a legitimate #3 hitter in Triple A. It's all about roles. Like Ringo Starr solo as opposed to his Beatles career.

Moss should hit something like .290/.360/.490 in Indy, numbers that would warrant a recall to Pittsburgh when rosters expand for the September stretch run.

Needless to say, this news doesn't say much for the Pirates' talent evaluation. A year and a half after he was the centerpiece of the Jason Bay deal, no one wants to get Moss for the waiver price.

Still, I'm glad to keep Moss in the organization and hold out hope that he can contribute at the MLB level one day, even if that is as a fifth outfielder.

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