April 7, 2010

Other Sites Have Irony Too

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / April 7, 2010

The Pirates juggernaut lineup gets a challenge tonight against Clayton Kershaw, one of the best young starters in baseball. This is the annual "Buc Night", $1 tickets, so I will be there of course. I'm predicting John Raynor makes his Pirates debut tonight.

I had a discussion the other day about whether a post consisting only of links is a legitimate blog post. You only get this stuff at a Top 71 law school in the country. I contended that it was not. If I write a book that is simply a list of the titles of other books, have I written a book? So here is the rest of this non-post:

Incredibly Important
My associate "McMillen" has once again started the project of playing every Pirate game in MLB 2010: The Show and posting results. I majored in Economics so I make an informed statement in saying that there is obviously an unbelievable amount of demand for this information. To check how tonight's Pirates-Dodgers game went, visit his site. Bonus points if he plays all 162 on the PSP and is still married by playoff time.

Unbelievably Important
My associate "Perry" has started a new fan site for Pitt sports, Every Loyal Son, complete with domain name. Currently there is a blog and message board, both of which are unbelievably great, despite the fact that only two people are discussing anything on the board. Visit the blog for some anti-WVU hatred. Or, visit the message board to contribute to our riveting discussion of the Pitt-Pitt State rivalry.

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