May 5, 2010

Monday Night Dream

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / May 5, 2010

At this time I would like to publish a full and complete recap of my dream Monday night.

This dream was set in Pittsburgh where I was sitting on my couch. It was an off day for the Pirates. So with not even a radio broadcast to keep me occupied, of course I opened up the Gamecast of the Indianapolis Indians game.

Imagine my shock and awe when Jose Tabata was not listed at the top of the I-Tribe lineup. I pulled up Dejan Kovacevic's PBC Blog which informed me that Brian Bass had been optioned back to Indy, and Tabata had been called up to the big leagues.

At that point the dream fast forwarded to the following night. I was listening to the Pirates broadcast the following day. Tabata was listed as the leadoff batter in center field. Andrew McCutchen was moved to right. Garrett Jones was playing first. The pitcher's spot was still in eighth with Ronny Cedeno batting ninth.

Mind-blowing? Strangely prescient? Too much like my real life to justify being a dream?

Maybe all of those. Although of course my wakeful self had mainly been paying attention to Pedro Alvarez, Tabata is now hitting .340/.404/.456 and making a great campaign for an actual call-up.

They can't all be sex dreams.

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  1. I once had a dream that Brian Giles hit a foul ball in game seven of the world series, and Hunter Wendlestedt grabbed a microphone and declared it a home run, and said emphatically, "Pittsburgh wins the world series!" -- We stormed the field. And lost 100 games that year.