June 4, 2010

Series Preview: San Francisco Giants

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / June 4, 2010

It seems like forever since the Pirates played baseball, but this is already a 2-0 homestand and I am hoping for 6-0. The Giants are a team a lot like Pittsburgh in that they're offensively challenged, with one difference being that, you know, they have pitching. Aubrey Huff (.298/.382/.472) is the best hitter on the team thus far and that is not good. Pablo Sandoval (.286/.341/.437) has put up pedestrian numbers so far after a great 2009. And of course, Freddy Sanchez (.327/.414/.388) is doing his thing, complete with a career high eight walks. He was injured most of the year but is now occupying the #3 spot in the lineup, good for him but bad for the Giants.

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San Francisco Giants
Friday 7:05, Saturday 7:05, Sunday 1:35

The Giants go with Jonathan Sanchez (3-4, 2.90) for the opener. Ignore the W-L record, he's having a breakout season at age 27. In 62 innings he's allowed a sick 39 hits while striking out 63. I doubt the Pirates are the one team who can hit him. Should it have been "the one team that can hit him" to be grammatically correct? It's hard to say. As a former journalist I would just recommend writing around that usage, but I have earned a grand total of $0.01 from the blog this month so I am not about to delete words.

Pittsburgh gives the ball to Zach Duke (3-5, 5.09). Home/road splits are usually pointless but Duke has a 3.57 home ERA and a 6.99 road ERA, and he's done this every year. Also Duke is a big game pitcher, witness the last two home openers, the win over Roy Halladay and his title clinching start in 2010 World Series Game 6. Opposing an ace caliber pitcher makes this a big game, hence Duke will have shutdown stuff. My pick is the Pirates.

Saturday the Giants will go with former Cardinal Todd Wellemeyer (3-4, 5.03) against Paul Maholm (3-4, 3.90). Adding value for his team despite mediocre-to-bad pitching, Todd Wellemeyer is also going to play rhythm guitar for Collective Soul after the game. He'll already be wearing his black Giants shirt so he will match the rest of the band anyway, and he'll have an unhappy facial expression after the Pirates shell him making him perfect for the next album cover. My pick is the Pirates.

Sunday the Pirates go with Ross Ohlendorf (0-3, 4.26) against Tim F'ing Lincecum (5-2, 3.14). I've seen a lot of stuff on how Roy Halladay, or even Ubaldo Jimenez, is the best pitcher in the game. Really, you're going to discount the two time defending Cy Young Award winner because he's off to a 3.14 ERA start? Lincecum has struggled with his control recently and pitched a few bad games in a row but every player in baseball has a bad streak every season. He's still the #1 pitcher in baseball and I would be pleased if the Pirates can muster two runs off of him.

Nevertheless, have you seen the Giants' road record? 9-13 and it should be 9-15 going into this game. Ross Ohlendorf certainly will get a win this year. My pick is the Pirates.

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