July 1, 2010

Yes Virginia, There Is A Pirates Postseason

PITTSBURGH, Pa. / July 1, 2010

What better way to celebrate the Fiscal New Year than by buying reservations for Pirates postseason tickets?

You can do just that at MLB's official site. Let me reiterate that this is real.

As the site explains, for the low price of $10 per ticket, you can buy the right to purchase two face value tickets for any of the Division Series games. Of course you don't get the ticket, just the nonrefundable right to buy a hypothetical ticket. Then again, I've never had the opportunity to buy the rights to a hypothetical ticket before, so apparently $10 is fair value.

You can even reserve Division Series Home Game 3! That's right, for only $20, if the Pirates make up their 17 game deficit to overtake five teams and win the division, have a better record than another division winner as well, and go to a Game 5 in Round 1, and you also buy a ticket, you'll be there! But why stop there? $15 for the NLCS! $20 for the World Series!

I am quite pleased with the work that America's business schools are doing. Only in America could we devise a way to sell nonrefundable tickets to nonexistent games. And only on the internet could I pass that opportunity along to my nonexistent readers.

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