August 27, 2010

Series Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

Today, Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo was robbed at gunpoint in the early A.M. hours. This took place in the parking lot of a Milwaukee supermarket. "Sounds like a good time to try to steal," said Ryan Braun.

The first game of this series is already started, I really hate games against the Brewers, and this babe is not wearing any Brewers apparel. Nor is she a babe. Looks like this Series Preview is going to be worse than an actual Pirates-Brewers game.The Brewers lineup is second in the National League in runs even though Braun (.293/.349/.475) is having the worst season of his career. Prince Fielder (.270/.403/.486) is having his worst year since 2006. Also Prince is a dog's name.

Milwaukee Brewers - Friday 8:05, Saturday 8:05, Sunday 2:10
Chris Narveson (9-7, 5.69) faces James McDonald (2-3, 5.04) tonight. It reminds me of that movie where James McDonald pitches a game against a shitty lefthanded pitcher. My pick is the Pirates.

Saturday, the matchup is Zach Duke (6-12, 5.40) against Chris Capuano (2-2, 3.72)! Exclamation points really make games sound interesting! My pick is the Pirates.

Sunday, A! Day Game! Brian Burres (2-3, 5.62) faces Dave Bush (6-11, 4.76). This preview has an all time record low amount of actual analysis. A little known fact about Brian Burres - he's not Charlie Morton. Thus, my pick is the Pirates.

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