April 10, 2011

Home Game 3: Stop The Music

Saturday, April 9
Rockies 6, Pirates 4
Fireworks Night, Free Poster
Record: 5-4

Everyone thinks that my love of Rihanna's music is ironic. Of course I've been to shows like godspeed you black emperor! at the Beachland, TV on the Radio in Tennessee, Brian Wilson with the Philadelphia Symphony at the Mann...I guess I have enough credibility to pretend that I'm a fan of music. But home game 3 really proves that my unironic love of Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music" is justified.

During Friday's epic win, the Pirates played "Don't Stop The Music" in the sixth inning. It was the earliest recorded playing of Rihanna at PNC Park and it spurred the Pirates on to victory eight innings later. The Rockies cooperated by having a mound conference as the song was playing, allowing us to hear a few more bars. It was awesome.

I had a great crew of associates for Saturday's game which included fellow season ticket holders Lucas and Maggie along with special guests Bhargav, John, Tim, Christina, and Maggie's mother. It's conclusive proof that I still know seven people who talk to me. And we all wanted to hear Rihanna.

Fast forward to the ninth inning. Pittsburgh trailed 6-4, but Colorado's lights out closer Huston Street was unavailable. Matt Lindstrom came in to close it out in his stead. This was a good thing for the Pirates. Matt Lindstrom of the 1.65 WHIP for the past two consecutive seasons. Matt Lindstrom who batters tagged for a .306 average last season. I was ready for an epic comeback.

Ronny Cedeno flied out to start the inning, but Matt Diaz and Jason Jaramillo got consecutive singles. Jaramillo at first was the tying run and the batter, pinch hitter Steven Pearce, was the winning run. Lindstrom was pitching on no rest, coming off an outing the previous day in which he allowed three of the four batters he faced to reach base. The Rockies were reeling.

If you know anything about PNC Park, you know that no matter what the score, if it's the eighth inning or later, they play a Rihanna song as soon as two men are on base. I was pumped to hear my favorite song and I was pumped to see a Pirates victory.

They didn't play Rihanna and we lost. This one is on whatever cretin decided not to play Rihanna.

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