April 11, 2011

Home Game 4: Nothing To Say

Sunday, April 10
Rockies 6, Pirates 5
Kids' Day
Record: 5-5

Day games after night games are always hard and it doesn't make things easier when it's a day game after a night game followed by a friend's birthday party. But the sun blessed the city of Pittsburgh with its rare presence and the teams were scheduled to play at 1:35.

My associate Matt had a hard time procuring a six pack of Budweiser but for the low price of 12.84 I was able to do same. Three beers each later, we were in PNC Park to see a couple of hard throwing young pitchers face off, James McDonald and Jhoulys Chacin. I can't overemphasize how nice this day was. I make fun of Pittsburgh a lot but this was a beautiful day in the best baseball stadium in the world in one of the more photogenic towns in America.

Maggie and Lucas were there of course and we were ready to watch this pitchers' duel. Only it didn't materialize. Colorado picked up four runs in a first inning disaster which was capped by a three-run home run courtesy of Jose Lopez. I would have picked a different day for Jose Lopez to get his career together.

The home team got one back on a Ronny Cedeno sacrifice fly. They got the rest back in the third inning. Jose Tabata was hit by a pitch, Neil Walker singled, McCutchen singled scoring Tabata, and then Lyle Overbay rocketed a double to deep center field to clear the bases. It was 4-4 and we settled in.

My associates Brittany, Chelsea, and Amanda were also attending and were hoping to sit in 318 with us. They bought tickets one section over and the usher actually checked their tickets despite the park being less than half full... Being resourceful girls they were able to hang out for an inning before being forced into slightly better seats. You have to hate the unofficial Major League Baseball "No Fun" policy. Matt and I could blow it with girls without the help of a major corporation.

No more scoring took place until the seventh when McDonald came out of the game with two outs and a runner (Dexter Fowler) on first. With Evan Meek apparently still injured, the choice out of the bullpen was Mike Crotta. And it was a disaster. Fowler stole second, Jonathan Herrera walked, then Jason Giambi singled scoring Fowler to tie the game. We were looking for the hook but Crotta remained. Troy Tulowitzki walked. Some asshole pinch ran for Giambi at second. And then Crotta walked in the winning run. Life in Pittsburgh is not always perfect.

Loss or no loss, we were 5-5 and there was no reason to get mad. It was one of America's great days in one of America's great cities and we ended up drinking in the Hall of Fame Club with some of America's great babes. For a loss, it was a good win.

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